Top 5 Best Kayak Fishing Accessories

Owning a kayak is only a bit different than owning any other type of boat. However, fishing in a kayak is not without it’s challenges. Unless you’re the proud owner of an extra set of hands, it can be a challenge to paddle your kayak and fish simultaneously. Fortunately, there are a multitude of accessories to help even the most experienced kayak fisherman do a more efficient job and have more fun in the process.

But what exactly do you need to get your fishing kayak ready? It is law in many states and provinces that you carry a life vest. It is also good practice to carry a first-aid or a safety kit in the event of an emergency. Beyond those items, however, what are the best fishing kayak accessories? Below we outline the essential fishing kayak gear for any kayak fisherman.

1.Rod Holders

As mentioned above, without extra hands it can be tremendously difficult to paddle a kayak and hold a fishing rod at the same time. Because of this, a rod holder is an absolute must for any 10ft fishing kayak. Having a rod holder or two in the front of the boat makes paddling less difficult and allows you to fish hands-free if you need to.

Many kayak fishers install several rod holders around the cockpit of the boat to ensure their fishing rod is always right where they want it. Of course, this is completely relative to the fisher, but is generally good advice. It is important to consider where you want to place your rod holders before installation. You don’t want them so close you can’t paddle, but you also don’t want them so far away you have to reach uncomfortably to get to them.

2. Fish finder

Save yourself hours of unnecessary paddling and frustration by investing in a good quality fish finder. An essential piece of fishing kayak gear, and ideal for still water fishing, a fish finder can help you hammer out the best spots to sink your line as well as avoid troublesome areas for your boat. Plus, they are a smart tool to have on hand if you are exploring unknown waters and fishing spots. If you get lost, these fish finders can double as a GPS and help you find your way back to the docks.

The Garmin Striker 4 is an excellent choice because of it’s high resolution screen and amazing sonar. This device gives you detailed, immediate feedback about the water around you. It is easy to set up and comes with a mount to install on your kayak. For all the features you get with this finder, it’s a fantastic bargain.

3. Fishing Net

When it comes to fishing kayak accessories an indisputable necessity is a versatile fishing net. This floating fishing net is lightweight, yet durable enough to last a long time. For kayak fisherman, the versatility of this net is a must-have. Go for a net with a telescopic handle so it can be adjusted to fit your needs in any situation. This net is small enough to not crowd your kayak but can be extended up to 83 inches (that’s over 6 feet!) to give you the extra reach you need. The mesh basket is perfect for catching any size fish. Nets are also a great tool if you are a catch-and-release fisher.

4. Waterproof Gear Bag

Fourth on our list of best fishing kayak gear is a waterproof gear bag. This set comes with 3 different sizes so you can decide what best fits your needs. For a 10ft fishing kayak, you want the flexibility to take whatever size bag you need. This set of 3 waterproof bags comes in a variety of colors, and can be completely submerged in water while still keeping the contents perfectly dry. This set also comes with a waterproof case for your phone or other devices, so you’re never completely disconnected from your friends and family (unless you want to be, of course!).

5. Anchor Kit

The last of the necessary fishing kayak accessories is a solid anchor kit. For any 10ft fishing kayak, this Seattle Sports anchor kit is perfect to suit your needs. Available in two different weights for smaller and larger kayaks alike, these galvanized steel anchors are foldable and easily stored even in the smallest of vessels. This anchor kit comes with a decent amount of rigging line, so you can anchor in even fairly deep waters with no problem. This anchor kit comes with all the needed hardware for set up (including 2 carabiners) and storage bag is also included for easy transport and hauling.


When it comes to getting the best fishing kayak gear, you want to be sure you are getting exactly what you need so you can spend your time enjoying your favorite water sport, instead of hassling with your boat and supplies. Chances are you spent a good chunk of change on your fishing kayak and are eager to take it out for a spin on your favorite waters. Hopefully this list will help you narrow down what to purchase first in terms of accessories so you can maximize your time fishing and minimize your time stressing over the logistics.

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