Top 5 Best Fishing Reels Review

When looking for a great fishing reel and rod, there are so many on the market, choosing one to best fit your needs is hard. First, consider the type of fish you are hoping to catch, as well as the environment and your fishing skills. When looking to catch big fish, you are going to need different features and sizes of reels for this. With that being said, you should do your research and read reviews on any fishing reel you are considering to buy.

I have provided some of the best fishing reels out right now, and remember to keep in mind the type of fishing you are planning on doing when making your purchase.

KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder Spinning Fishing Reel

The KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder is a great fishing reel for any angler! The real is corrosion resistant and has classic front and rear drag. The stainless steel main shaft has high strength modules, a computer balanced rotor with an extra spool.

The innovative design of this reel is perfect for multiple fishing styles and is made of premium quality inner parts for a seamless cast and a reliable rod, to use on every trip. The fishing reel is smooth and durable and weighs 33 pounds. The KastKing Sharky Batifeeder is the best value and better priced fishing reel compared to competitors and makes for the perfect open face rod.

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

The Full Metal Body spinning reel is an precision design in the spool, which allows both sides of the drag washer to be used simultaneously. The Battle II has higher max drags, with more range and smoother startups. The competition cannot beat the inner parts of this reel, all HT-100 washers are greased with Penn’s grease for longevity.

The Penn Battle II Spinning Reel has heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, carbon fiber drag washers and 6 bearings. It also uses instant anti-reverse in those bearings, to help lock in your pull and make it easier for you to respond to a catch. The technology in this reel is great in comparison to competitors and comes in different sizes for different catches.

Carbon Fiber Pen Fishing Rods and Spinning Reel Combos 

This is an excellent rod and is made of high grade carbon fiber. This is a great for rod for any fisherman or angler. It has smooth casting and and ultra light 1 ball bearing, with durable front drag. The fishing rod comes with spinning reels, and hooks for float lines and this all comes in one tackle box full kit.

The travel kit comes with everything you need for casual hiking and camping; including, fishing lures, floats, sinkers, hooks, beads, seats, swivels, and a rubber stopper. The SYL Fishing Pen Rods has a lifetime warranty and comes with replacement rod if ever broken.The versatile rod and reel can be used by any beginner or expert and is a great, affordable rod for anyone to enjoy.

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos 

This fishing rod is made from top grade carbon fiber, and is strong and durable. It is comprised of 99% carbon, and has a left/right interchangeable rod, and adjustable full metal screw reel seat. The Sougayilang fishing rod comes with a full kit, including necessary accessories for fishing.

The fishing pole is made of high density carbon and fiberglass for a durable and long-lasting rod. It contains a fully adjustable cast control with sound and an aluminum spool with high-tensile gear. The kit also comes with a line, reel, minow, and lead fish lure, and shrimp baits. This is perfect for a beginner or expert and is good for all hiking and camping trips.

FyshFlyer Willer Spinning Reel with Stainless Steel 9+1 BB

The FyshFlyer Willer Spinning Reel is made with stainless steel and has 9 ball bearings with 1 instant anti-reverse stop bearing and no-slip knobs for assistance in your catch. The computerized balanced rotor makes for better casting and fewer line tangles.

This fishing reel has been approved for perfect saltwater fishing, and has a high-strength, high modulus made with a corrosion-free graphite body. It has classic front and rear drag with superior quality for inshore and offshore bait spin fishing. This is a great reel for beginners and experienced fisherman looking to have an easy cast in any type of current.


The amount of fishing reels out there are endless; some of the best fishing reels were listed and ultimately choosing what’s best in quality and value for your needs.

There are stainless steel, carbon fiber, and fiberglass fishing reels; these all have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the fishing you do, and your style. Some rods and reels will work better in certain bodies of water, versus others, so make sure the reel you are buying will apply to the situation. Ultimately, continue doing your research and I hope this guide helped you determine the best fishing reels for any buyer.

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