Which One Is Better? Artificial Lure Or Live Bait?

There has been intense debate regarding lure baits and live baits. Many people, particularly new anglers have struggled to choose the right bait method while fishing.

There has been pressure to try and determine whether artificial lures are better than live baits, or the other way round. Before we make this decision, it’s better to look at these methods in depth. We will consider their strengths and weaknesses and decide which is better than the other.

What is Artificial Lure?

Artificial baits are usually made of plastic and are meant to mimic live baits. There are different colors, shapes, and sizes that you can choose from in the market. Some people prefer making these baits, but they can also be bought in your local bait shop.

Which are the Best Conditions of Using Artificial Lures?

For you to use these baits successfully, you must know the perfect conditions and the signs to notice. Casting a lure in unfavorable conditions may have the opposite effect, and this is where many people fail.

Water Temperature: One thing you must keep in mind is the temperature of the water. It has been proven that the best time to use artificial baits is when the water is getting warmer. You should start with soft plastic and bucktail Jigs, and move on to Minnows, and metal lures as the temperatures rise.

Water Clarity: the clearer the water, the better the chances of using the artificial lure. The main reason for this is because fish will have clear visibility during this time.

Fish Activity Levels: the best time to use lure baits is when the activity levels of fish are high.

Lights Levels: a majority of anglers have agreed that there are higher chances of making a catch when you use artificial lures during brighter lights compared to the opposite.

If you master these conditions, you will be able to use this method effectively without failure.

There are benefits and shortcomings of this method as well. They are:

Pros of Using Artificial Bait

  • Inexpensive way of fishing: this method is economical compared to the live bait method. If you are handy, you can curve these lures from your home. It may take time, but it will save you money.
  • You can reuse the bait: another advantage is the fact that you can reuse the bait in several fishing trips.
  • The bait can last longer: if you exercise aggressive fishing, artificial lure is the best method since you won’t have to worry about the bait getting damaged.

Cons of Artificial Lure

  • Not an all-season method: the conditions have to be right for you to use this method to work. You must understand where to use it, making it unreliable in some situations.
  • Require more practice: this method requires mastery and not suitable for beginners. If you are starting fishing, it’s better to train first to know which lure works for you.
  • A high number of lures: finding the right bait for this method is another challenge. You need to know which baits have a higher chance of attracting the fish that you are targeting.

What is Live Bait?

Live bait entails the use of live bait to catch your fish. People have been known to use smaller fish to attract large fish or other small insects and worms.

Even though most people favor this method, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. It does require work and skills which will make a difference between success and failure.

Which are the Best Conditions of Using Live Bait?

If you are planning to use this method, make sure you understand all the conditions that are favorable for this method to work. This way, you will be placing yourself in a strategic position. They are;

The temperature of the Water: the best time to use this method is when the temperatures of the water are dropping. Anglers have had success fishing with this method when the water is cold. Make sure you start with live bait, then dead bait and cut bait as water gets colder. If the temperatures keep dropping, you can try using dead bait with a strong odor

Water clarity: unlike the artificial bait which requires clear water, live bait requires the opposite. Live baits give off a scent which attracts the fish, and it’s not necessary to see the bait to strike. When the water gets dirtier, you can rely on dead bait with a strong odor.

Fish Activity Level: when there is less activity of fish, it’s time to use live bait. The scent of the bait is what attracts the fish towards you. If you want to attract more fish during this time, make sure the bait has a strong odor.

Lights levels: people who fish during the night use live baits all the time. The scent of the bait comes in handy during this time, and artificial lure doesn’t work well.

What are the Benefits and Downside of this Method?

Even though this method has proven to be reliable most of the time, it has benefits and downsides as well. They are:

Pros of Using Live Bait Method:

  • Cheap to use: the best thing about this method is the fact that you can cast the nets to catch the bait. You don’t have to visit your local bait shop every time you want live baits. This way, you can save more money during your fishing trip.
  • Doesn’t require Training: unlike the artificial bait where you have to learn how to fish, live bait method is straightforward. All you need is bait, and the right conditions and everything else will fall into place.
  • Better used at night: if you prefer fishing at night, live bait method is for you.

Cons of Using Live Bait Method:

  • Not an all-season method: You cannot rely on this method all the time as the conditions have to be right for it to work.
  • Requires high maintenance of bait: the bait must be kept alive if you are planning to reuse them. This process may be tasking and expensive.
  • Can be messy: if you are worried about getting your hands dirty, then you should avoid this method. Hooking a live fish is not for anyone as there will be blood, tissues, and smell to deal with while using this method.

Is Artificial Lure Better that Live Bait?

Both of these methods are outstanding in their ways. The best thing that an angler can do is to learn how to use both of them. Choosing one over the other is a matter of choice. However, artificial lures are great but not better than the live bait, and the opposite holds. If you are torn between these methods, the best thing you can do is learn how to use all of them.