The 7 Best Catfish Baits That You Can Use Today

Catching a catfish requires patience, skills, and above all you need great bait. Fishing without the right bait may take time, and most of the time you may not get the results that you need. This guide will look at ten baits that you can use to lure in your next catch. They are among the best catfish baits that we have today.

I have tested and reviewed all the baits that I am going to discuss. All my opinions are based on the experience that I have had with the baits. I believe that they are among the best in the market.

Some of the baits that I will mention can be made from home, while others can be purchased from your local bait store.

Here are the seven best baits for catfish that you can try out today.

1. Catfish Charlie Wild Cat Dip Bait (Blood)

One thing you need to know about catfish is that they are opportunistic. They will feed on anything that is fresh, and blood is one of the things that attracts them.

The big catfish will be attracted to the scent of blood, and that’s why the wild cat dip bait takes the first position on our list.

The makers of this bait have specialized in the scent together with the sticky consistency which allows it to stick to sponges and worms. You can also attract the cat that is far away since this bait disperses slowly in the water.

Another advantage of this bait is the fact that you can add scent to other baits by rubbing it on bait such as chicken, which will improve your chances of baiting the big catfish.

2. Night Crawlers

If you ask anyone who has been fishing catfish, they will tell you how much catfish love night crawlers. They are widely used by many anglers as they are known for their ability to lure the cats.

Their wriggling action and aroma are known to attract big catfish. All you need is a ball of six night crawlers on your hook early in the season.

The best thing about the night crawlers is that you can freeze them for future use.

3. Soft Fishing Bait Chunks from Berkley Gulp!

Catfish are said to be attracted to chicken liver, and that’s why many anglers have resulted in using this bait.

The fast dispersing scent and meaty flavor will help you to attract a large number of catfish. You will find this bait useful in channel fishing.

What I found interesting about this bait is how easy it is to hook them. They can stay on for a prolonged period, and you can reuse them if you wish. The bait has a longer lifespan compared to the chicken liver.

Every bag that you buy should have 12 chunks, which is more than enough for you to fish.

4. Sonny’s Channel Catfish Dip (with Blood)

The best thing about this bait is the strong smell that it gives out which attracts a wide range of catfish. The catfish bait contains the blood flavor which is known to attract more catfish.

It disperses slowly in the water which gives you the opportunity of attracting more catfish. The majority of anglers have agreed that they got better fishing experience when fishing with this stink bait. It’s better utilized in channel fishing as it has proven to get better results.

The sticky consistency which sticks on worms and sponge improves the chances of attracting the big catfish.

5. Danny King’s Punch Bait (Catfish)

When you use the Danny King’s Punch Bait for catfish, you are guaranteed to attract more catfish due to the potent scent which

If you enjoy channel fishing, you will benefit from using this bait as it’s specialized for this type of fishing. If you are worried about the stinky smell, the good news is that you don’t have to touch it with your hands since you can hook it with a punch paddle.

You can combine it with other baits which will increase your chances of luring and catching more fish.

6. Hot Dogs

The majority of anglers agree on using hot dogs to attract large catfish. They credit the aroma of the hot dog as the main reason why catfish seem to be attracted to this bait.

It’s suited for open water such as lakes and also channel fishing. Hot dogs are affordable which makes them a cheaper option for any angler.

When you are choosing a hot dog, it’s critical to make sure that you avoid the all-beef hot dog and choose the chicken or turkey flavor as it has proven to be effective.

7. Bluegills

There is no better way of catching giant catfish than using the bluegills as bait. Catfish, particularly the flathead catfish are known to love these hand-sized fish. However, you cannot find them in your local bait store, but you can catch them with the cast net.

You can cut them into small pieces to release the aroma in the water. This has been known to attract more catfish towards the bait. You can also freeze them for later use. The only problem with this method is that you need to catch the bluegills so that you can use them.


Catfish are known to be elusive and stubborn fish which requires you to have the right skills and tools. Anglers who have used these baits have agreed to how effective these baits have been. They are highly affordable and don’t require much work to use them.

Make sure you understand everything about the bait that you prefer to use as this will improve your chances of making a catch. The only way for you to choose the right catfish bait is by trying all the baits that are mentioned in this article.

Choosing the right spot for your fishing is also another factor that you must consider. By combining this factor with the right bait, you may end up with the biggest catfish catch.