Top 5 Best Fishing Rods On The Market Today

A lovely way to plan your kid’s vacation is to pack a few pairs of shorts and a cool looking vintage hat and go out to catch some fish at a lake side. Surely this plan of fishing would become one of the most beautiful memories in your kid’s heart. To make it even more memorable you need to carry some good fishing rods with you, otherwise the whole vacation could end up getting ruined.

Well, don’t worry! We will help you with that so your vacation will be great.
Here are our top 5 best fishing rods that help you enjoy the taste of fresh fish. Take a look and pick one for your holiday trip. The rods are categorized under parameters like flexibility, durability, price and simplicity.

Best Fishing Rods Review


This is the perfect fishing rod for novice hobbyists. It offers good flexibility in handling, making it simple to catch fish.

Getting into the details, Plusinno fishing rod is built with dense carbon fiber blended with fiber glass, making it flexible and strong at the same time. It's stainless steel frame makes it stand against corrosion and the EVA fore grip offers better comfort in handling. You can fold it to make it fit in your bags.


This is for experts in fishing. This is a high performance fishing rod made with IM8 body and to make it light in weight it is designed with graphite. S-curve oscillation system for very good line winding. This is the best lightweight fishing rod in the list.

Also, it's smooth functionality has made it stand out in the list of best fishing rods. This rod weighs only 3.2 pounds and is best to carry for a vacation.


This fishing rod is a perfect match for fashion lovers. It looks sporty and stylish. Abu Garcia is known for its top of the line fishing rods available in market.

This pro max combo worth 100$ is worth to buy as it offers durability mixed up with style. Pro max's perfect design offers great control over the rod. The magtrax braking system which offers consistent brake pressure is combined with power disk drag system to deliver smooth performance. It is available in three variants that different sizes. You can get it at price tag of 100 dollars on which a discount of 6 percent is available from the below link.


This is one of the best fishing rod to go with if portability is your highest preference.
This travel kit from Okuma is compact enough to fit into a medium size briefcase.

Besides its compactness and portability it is one of the best lightweight fishing rods. Its unique design offers a great fishing experience. It helps you to prepare a tasty menu with tuna, salmon, catfish etc.
It is built using graphite material and is paired up with cork grips and ceramic guide inserts for easy handling and extended comfort.


This is the most budget friendly fishing rod. The name might look ugly but the rod is quite contradictory. It is sleek and stylish. Its design makes everyone fall for it.

Talking about performance, this rod, Shakespeare ugly stick GX 2 gives you all the top class features available at this price point.
Its fiberglass and graphite composition gives you better balance and comfort, and is durable over time. It weighs only 1.3 pounds and is among the best lightweight fishing rods.

At a decent price tag, this is the best fishing rod that doesn’t burn your wallet.


With this the list of best fishing rods that helps you make a memorable vacation ends. It’s time to pick one based on your needs and wallet weight. Most of the fishing rods mentioned above are pocket friendly and at the same time best in class. Order online and get them delivered at your doorstep. Also you can find great discounts on these fishing rods if you follow the links and save some bucks. Happy fishing.