How to Catch Different Types of Freshwater and Saltwater Fish?

Have you been floundering around, trying and trying your best to catch a few more fish on every trip?

Feeling like there’s something missing in your toolbox or skill set that’s preventing you from having an extra bass or trout on every outing?

… Are you just a newbie when it comes to fishing and have little to no idea about what you’re even doing?

No matter the circumstances, everybody could do with a little bit of help! Here’s a quick list to help you catch different types of fish!

Number One: Good Gear Saves You Tears

When you set out to do anything, it always helps to be prepared.

It’s a no brainer for avid fishermen, but for a newcomer it can be as easy as pie to forget a key component at home.

Going to cut grass? Can’t forget your lawnmower.

Going to cook a meal? Can’t forget the ingredients.

Going fishing? Can’t forget your rods, bait, net, knives, etc!

The fisherman who prepares is the fisherman who will be ready to handle any and everything that comes their way, so laying out everything the night before is a surefire way to make things run swimmingly when it’s time to set out.

Number Two: Location, Location, Location

This ties in with the preparation stage. There’s the weekend fishing trips, where one can just waddle down to the bank…

Take the boat out to a random lake…

Or hit the beach and cast out at any given spot.

This works, and it’s the common go to for beginner fishing.

But then there’s the vets who carefully pick their spots…

They have their specific areas they report to whenever they’re in need of a particular fish because they understand the importance of location. Setting out to catch a catfish in the middle of the ocean is the quickest way to end up frustrated at the end of the outing.

All it takes to avoid mishaps like this is a little bit of background knowledge and studying. Knowing your fish and its stomping grounds means you spend less time searching for it and more time catching...

Which is exactly what we want!

Number Three: The Difference Between Freshwater and Saltwater

Knowledge is a powerful tool, a tool that can easily separate the rookies from the legends. And there’s one nugget of wisdom that you’ll be sure to benefit from.

What’s the tip?

Knowing the difference between saltwater and freshwater.

… Seriously. Knowing that difference makes finding your target a whole lot easier.

You won’t find a stingray in that popular lake nearby, and you won’t find a bluegill in the middle of the ocean. Every fish doesn’t live in the ocean, and every fish doesn’t live in ponds, lakes, and rivers.

With a few quick Google searches, you’ll be able to determine exactly what kind of fish you’re after and where to look for that crappie, where to cast out for that tuna, and where to chum for those sharks.

Different Types Of Fish

Now that we have the basic, general, but valuable information out of the way, we can get down to the nitty gritty. Different fish live in different habitats and thus, require different approaches.

You need to know what fish you want, what that fish eats for bait purposes, and where to find it! Here’s some common fish for both saltwater and freshwater areas!

Freshwater Fish:

1. Catfish

A classic fish, and meal, catfish are one of the most popular fish in the world. In order to catch them, you’d need to look in the following places:

  • In rivers, lakes, ponds
  • Near river bends
  • Near log rafts

For the bait, you have a wide variety of things to choose from. Here’s some tried and true baits that catfish can’t seem to stay away from:

  • Crawfish
  • Night crawlers (worms)
  • Chicken livers

2. Bass

If you haven’t been living under a rock in the middle of the desert, then you’ve heard of bass. Another classic fish, bass can be easily found in these areas:

  • Lakes, rivers, ponds and streams
  • Lurking about in sunken wood, both man made and natural
  • Around rocks and weeds

To snag a bass or two, you can’t go wrong with the following:

  • Crankbait
  • Worms
  • Crawfish

3. Trout

Trout is a pretty common fish to go for. When checking your spots, be sure to take advantage of these areas:

  • Ponds, lakes, rivers and streams
  • Cool water
  • Deeper waters

What does trout love to put in its mouth? Here’s some of the top contenders:

  • Minnows
  • Night crawlers
  • Powerbait

Saltwater Fish:

1. Tuna

Tuna, arguably one of the top ten most popular fish, period.

Who doesn’t love tuna…

Other than me?

One of the most common fish to catch from the oceans, you’re prone to run into one of these beasts if you cast your line in:

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Panama
  • Stellwagen Bank/Cape Cod

In order to catch one of these bad boys, you’re gonna need a bigger boat.

That, and some of these consistent baits:

  • Chum
  • Herring
  • Chunking/ Baitfish

2. Marlin

Beasts of legend, this popular swordfish is a favorite amongst anglers. You can plan a trip to these following locations for your best chances of getting a fight with one:

  • The Bermuda
  • Cape Verde
  • Cabo St Lucas

Can’t catch one without the proper baits, however:

  • Mullet
  • Mackerel
  • Barracuda

3. Bluefish

Another classic fish, bluefish can be easily found in the following locations:

  • Nova Scotia
  • Florida
  • Gulf of Mexico

These are pretty predatory fish, which means it’s key to know what they’ll bite at:

  • Herring
  • Squid
  • Mackerel

Well, there you have it. You’re armed with more knowledge on catching different types of fish. We’ve only scratched the surface with the myriad of fish species out there…

But even the pro tournament winner had to start out somewhere.

All that’s left for you to do now is to gather your gear, prepare your bait, and pay yourself on the back once you look at your haul with pride!