Learn How To Fish With Crankbaits

Crankbait fishing is the most common form of lure bait that we have today. It is highly versatile which makes it suitable for catching different species of fish regardless of whether you are trolling or casting.

The majority of anglers have pointed out to the simplicity and effectiveness of this method, which gives you a competitive advantage. The best thing about crankbait fishing is that once you have mastered it, you can use it to target different fish species.

How does one fish with crankbaits? The best ways to answer this question is by understanding crankbait fishing, then, later on, learn all the tips you can use to make you a season crankbait angler.

What is Crankbait?

We can classify any lure that has a plastic lip which is responsible for the bait diving under the water can be considered to be a crankbait. Any fish that eats smaller fish can be targeted with the crankbait. Simply put, crankbaits can be classified into four distinct categories. They are:

Shallow Divers and Squarebills

These crankbaits can be used in shallow waters. The best places where you can use them is around submerged wood, docks, shallow grass lines, and rocks.

The secret of using shallow-diving crankbaits is that you don’t need to hang them up when you are fishing them. When this bait comes in contact with something solid, it creates the best opportunity of catching the fish.

The shallow crankbaits will come in handy during the Spring and Fall.

Medium Divers

The medium-shallow divers are better suited for waters that have a depth of not more than 10 feet. Just like the shallow-divers, the medium divers can trigger the fish action through a slight deflection. You can use this bait during winter.

Deep Divers

The best thing about this bait is that you can use it for fishing in places like ledges, creek channels, and rock piles. The only challenge is getting these baits to the depths and keeping them there. Just like other crankbaits, deflection is responsible for triggering a bite. The best time to use this bait is during summer time.

Learning about these categories of crankbait is crucial as you will know where and which bait to use. However, getting this information is not enough to make you a seasoned angler. You must be familiar with tips that will improve your chances of making a catch with this bait.

Five Tips that Will Make you a Better Crankbait Angler

These tips will equip you with the skills and information that will make crankbait fishing an easy task. They are:

1. Season and Condition

The first thing that you must master is the season for using this bait and the conditions that make it possible. Fall, Summer, and Spring are better suited for crankbait use.

During summer, when the temperatures of the water are between 52-55 degrees, you are encouraged to try the crankbaits with medium diving capabilities.

After a couple of weeks after the spawn, you should try using the shallow-divers as the fish start to migrate away from the bank.

During the first weeks of fall, make sure you use the crankbaits that have a deep diving capability to target bass that are moving away from the summertime haunts.

2. Use the Basic Colors

Shad patterns especially the blue back and pearl sides, pearl sides with black back, and green back with pearl sides are favored. The chartreuse including the lime green and chartreuse sides, blue back and chartreuse side, together with green back, and chartreuse sides are also better for fishing.

3. Maintain the Right Pace

A ratio reel with a low gear, together with a steady retrieve works all the time. You should make sure that your retrieve is slow or even raise your rod when you are fishing around. If you want to trigger a bite from dormant bass when fishing in open waters, try using the stop-and-go presentation.

If you want to entice fish to strike your bait, always change your retrieving speed and the position you are winding. By knowing what the fish wants, you will maximize your chances of making a catch.

4. Take Advantage of your Depth

It’s important to choose the right depth when you are fishing. The best way to judge how deep your baits can go, make sure you try using a 10-pound test line.

If you want to get to the right depth, you should use a long cast. Since it takes time for the crankbait to sink, using a long cast will help the bait to reach the desired depths.

5. Staying in the Right Zone

Choosing the right crankbait is essential when you are fishing. If you want to fish in-depth waters, you should make sure you choose deep-divers. The same applies to those who wish to fish in shallow waters.

Does Making Sound Improve your Chances of Crankbait Fishing?

Crankbaits will always make a sound since they have an inbuilt rattle. Even without this, the crankbait will always produce sound as it moves through the water. The retrieving speed of the lure is known to influence the sound of the lure as well.

If you are fishing crankbait, you must make sure you get your lure within the striking zone. If you fail at this, no matter how much sound you produce, you may not be able to make a catch.

The amount of sound your lure makes when it’s within the striking zone will have an influence on your next catch.

Is Crankbait Favorable?

Crankbait has proven to be effective, and many anglers who have used this method can agree to this testament. It’s straightforward to master, and you can use it to target a wide variety of fish. There are little fishing methods that can be at the same level as crankbait fishing.


After many years of fishing, it has become increasingly known that crankbait is among the best fishing methods that we have. It’s straightforward, doesn’t require much time, and can be useful in open waters.

This method can be deployed throughout the year will yield much effect compared to other fishing methods. The only way to get success with this method is by trying out all the tips which will make you a seasoned angler.