Best 15 Must Have Accessories for Kayak Fishing

You better get your game going this fishing season. Enhancing your skills and having the right tools will help enormously in mastering any craft. Whether a first timer or a seasoned angler, these kayak fishing accessories are for you.

15 Must Have Accessories for Kayak Fishing

1. Safety First

First on our list is the personal flotation device that is specific for fishing or pfd. This jacket not only provides safety but also comes with multiple pockets for maximum storage for your fishing tools. May it be fishing knives, pliers or tackle; this jacket has a place for it all. A great angler knows to keep his tools within reach. This jacket will make that possible for a more efficient and enjoyable fishing experience.

2. Save your time and energy

The fishing paddle. This paddle may seem like your normal fishing paddle with a ruler and hook retrieval notch, but it weighs less than your traditional ones. With that being said, not only will the paddle save your baits from trees, navigating the waters will be easy peasy. Paddling is not the ideal activity we want to waste our energies into, now do we?

3. Be in control 

Next is the anchor system. The anchor system is unique because it comes with a trolley. Navigate the kayak at ease in the desired direction without any interference from the elements. Strength of wind and the current are some factors to consider when fishing. By being able to control the kayak, it will most likely give you the best result for your fishing experience.

4. Organizing is the key

We have the tackle crate. Keeping  your rods and tackles organized and in one place is one of the most important aspects of kayak fishing. This crate will do exactly that, making your gear accessible to you and won't slide around. You don’t want your tools flying and sliding all around the kayak.

5. Find those fishes

Next is the fish finder. Fishing is like a guessing game or hide and seek, you never know where the fishes are. To ensure that no fishing time is wasted, you can locate the fishes faster and accurately with fish finder. Plus, every activity will be logged so that every time you go back to that specific area, you will know where the fishes are. Convenient, is it not?

6. Know what you need 

Then we go to the rod holders. Rod holders basically hold the rods to the kayak while you wait for the fishes. Each rod holder is different. They have various specifications  that can cater to your needs and the type of rod you have. Accessibility might be the focus of one, while the other may provide more security for your rod.

7. Never lose a fish again

Then there are the fish grips and landing net. This provides maximum security with fish grips and a landing net to ensure that you'll keep your catch! We all know how tough the struggle is to catch a fish and keeping it in the kayak. With this tool, your fishing trip will always be successful.

8. Size does matter

Next are the measuring devices. Size does matter when it comes to fishing. Accurately record the size of the fishes you catch, both for information and bragging rights.

9. High and Dry

Nowadays, we can't go anywhere with our phones or cameras. This is a modern age we live in and technology plays a very important role in our lives; it also holds true when fishing. We have the urge to capture all those precious moments and in fishing, you will need evidence for that great story you will be sharing. Here is where the dry bags come in. With the state-of-the-art tools in producing them and not to mention, layers and layers of protection. These bags will surely help you keep your electronic devices safe and dry.

10. Work smarter, not harder

The kayak cart is next. So you are excited to start your fishing trip, everything is loaded, and you are ready to go but alas, the water is roughly meters away. It will be a let down to drag the heavy kayak on the ground and risk damaging the bottom. We know how precious your kayaks are to you, and we want you to save your energy for fishing. With this cart, it will prevent you from damaging the bottom of the kayak and will make it easy for you to take it to the water. Reserve that energy for the fishes.

11. Do it like a pro kayak angler

Then next is the rod and paddle leashes. There are no ordinary moments in fishing, every escapade is an adventure. Make sure to protect your rods and paddle from unforeseen circumstances by providing floats for your rod and leash for your paddle. In the event of a capsize, the last things you want to worry about are the rods and paddles drifting away with the current and let me remind you how expensive these tools are. Fishing is not a cheap hobby after all. Better to be safe and secure than sorry.

12. Shine the light

Next is the 360 degrees visibility light and flag. The best time to go fishing during the summer time is early in the morning and late in the evening; in the spring and fall is around dusk. Your safety is our utmost concern. Be equipped and prepared by gearing up with this visibility light and flag as not much sunlight is available at those times. This will ensure not only your safety, but other kayaks and boaters as well.

13. Parachute for fishing

Then the drift chute is next. It's like a parachute for your kayak! This is a device that allows you to slow down your drift when encountering high winds. You will be able to control your speed and keep you in the direction you want. Be in command and don’t let the elements dictate the success of your trip. Remember you are the boss.

14. Minimalistic you 

Next is the fishing pliers. These pliers are best designed for fishing and will minimize your load. It is highly efficient and will make it easy for you when you want to switch from one gear to another. Remember, being a minimalist is key.

15. Surprise Surprise

Last is the floating stringer. Nature has loads of surprises in store every day. The weather changes rapidly from time to time. One day, it may seem to be a beautiful sunny day and waves as calm as it can be but before you know it there it is out of nowhere; rough winds and strong currents. We have to bear in mind that kayaks are not like boats; spaces are limited. Always be prepared and make sure to have a floating stringer so you can easily find and grab your catch when the unforeseen happens. We don’t want a long days worth of catch to be a waste.

Go forth and fish

Those friends, are the accessories to bring your A game to the water. Although we understand that you might not need all these accessories, but sharing is caring. We may not guarantee that all your trips will be smooth sailing or very successful but remember the most important part of the trip is that you enjoy every minute of it. Life is too short to focus on bad days, cheer up and try another day. Good luck catching some fish.