Places Where You Can Find Worms For Your Bait

There is no better activity to pass your time than fishing. However, for you to enjoy this activity, you must have everything that is needed for this activity. One of the things that you need is a bait and worms are the best baits any angler can use.

There are hundreds of worms available to use as bait. There are plastic worms as well, but most anglers are known to prefer live worms since they wriggle and test better to the fish.

Finding the right worm is critical for your fishing activity. There are four worms that are widely used by anglers around the world. They are:


These worms are preferred when fishing the tropical fish, perch, panfish, bluegill, and white fish. They are rich in protein and last longer on the hook.


These worms are better suited for fishing porgys, weakfish, winter flounder, and stripped bars. The worms are known to have mouth and teeth which enables them to bite people. You should exercise caution when handling them.


These worms stand out as they are yellow and orange in color. Their fruit-like smell is appealing to many fish which makes them excellent for any fishing trip.

Red Worms

These types of fish are better suited for fishing perch, trout, crappie, and bluegill. They are a common type of baits that are used by many anglers since they can survive in different temperatures.

Where Can You Find These Worms?

You must understand that the worms mentioned in this article have different habitats and require different skills to collect them. They should be handled with care as they are delicate and can die quickly. If you want to know where to find worms for bait, keep reading.

Where to Find Mealworms

Mealworms are larvae of two species of insects- the Indianmeal moth and the Darkling beetle. Even though they are different species, they do enjoy a typical habitat. There are some familiar places where you can find these worms. They include:


The first place you should check is your grain supplies. The Indianmeal worm will feed on the flour supplies in the kitchen until they turn into a moth. The Darkling beetle worm is commonly found in unharvested grains.

Food Preparation Areas

Another place where you can get these worms is in the area where you prepare your food. It’s common to find all these worms in one place since they are brought here by the grains.


Darkling beetles are known to lay their eggs in the barn woods since they are dark and offer better protection for the eggs. If you are lucky to find the eggs have hatched, you will get an unlimited supply of worms.

Dark and Dry Areas

Mealworms require little moisture to survive, and that’s why you can always find them in these areas.


Even though it’s not common, you may find mealworms under rocks or fields with wild grasses.

Where to Find Butterworms

Butterworms commonly evolve into Chilean moth and are hard to breed in captivity. They are imported directly from Chile, and you can get them from your local bait store. Their bright colors are known to attract stubborn eaters which make them better for fishing.

Where to Find Bloodworms

You should be aware that bloodworms have four teeth and can bite or sting you. People who collect these worms have always been bitten, and their bites are said to deliver a severe allergic reaction. If you suspect that bloodworms have bitten you, make sure you seek medical attention.

Shallow Marine Waters

Coming across these worms in shallow marine waters is common. These worms can grow up to 35 cm in length. Even though they are marine, they are known to tolerate low salt waters and areas with poor oxygen.

Muddy Waters

You can also come across these worms in murky waters and swamp-like areas. Make sure you scoop them carefully as they are fragile and may die if you don’t handle them with care.

In your Backyard

Since they love water, you can try checking your backyard for water holes. However, the condition has to be perfect for the worms to grow and develop.

In the Bloodworm Farm

If you are not lucky enough to collect these worms, you can try purchasing them from a local bloodworm farm. The best thing about this method is that you can begin your bloodworm farm with the supplies that you buy.

Where to Find Red Worms

Red worms are the easiest to find, and they have different habitats. They are likely to be located in composting matter and shallow grounds.

Wet Areas

Any soil that has moisture is likely to contain these worms. This makes your backyard a probable field where you can start looking. However, the conditions need to be perfect like after a rainy season.

Under Decomposing Matter

Another excellent opportunity to find these worms would be under any decomposing matter. A great example would be under a rotting bark or tree. Worms have been known to love these places since they provide them with all the nutrients that they need.

In a Grassland Area

Since grass helps to hold the moisture in the soil, it’s common to find a dozen worms in this area. However, you will be required to dig a huge area, and not all locations contain these worm.

Red Worm Farm

If you need a couple of pounds of red worms, the perfect place that you need to look is in the red worm farm. These farms have been known to supply anglers with vast amounts of red worms which are healthy. It will reduce the time you may spend searching for these worms on the grounds.


Finding worms may be an exhausting task, especially if you don’t know where to look. Digging your backyard may work if you need a couple of dozens of worms. However, if you require more worms for your fishing trip, make sure you purchase them from your local worm dealer. You may try bait shops or worm farms.