Improve Your Fishing Performance 101: The Essential Guide

It is never a great feeling to be out in the sea and not having caught a single fish for hours. There is no doubt your patience will run out. There are some people who are alright with that as the feeling of catching a fish after waiting for hours can’t be replaced. That does not apply for everyone though. Good thing, we have arrange these tips for you to feel like an expert fisher. Here they are:

Do Research

Even in this sport, it is important to do some research. Some things to research on are the fish’s behavior and environment. Thus, you will know where to place yourself and what to do in order to catch them. Another thing to research on would be what they like to eat so you’ll know what to place on your rod as bait. You can’t just put random stuff as your bait and expect them to go crazy over it. After all, it won’t take long to Google the information you want to know. If you don’t do that, it is like going to war without any ammo.

Perhaps, the most important thing to find out would be the time of the day they are awake. This is the time when you should go out to the water and catch them. It really depends on the type of fish you want to catch. Some fishes are out in the middle of the night because they like it when it is dark. On the other hand, there are also species that are out when it is in the middle of the day.

Prepare the Right Things

You’re not going to go to the boat with your fishing rod and bait alone. You need to bring a lot of other things. Of course, you need to keep those things organized so if you catch a fish, you know what to do after it. Don’t forget to bring clothes as it is possible you will get wet many times. After all, you are out in the ocean so there may be some strong waves.

You can never really predict the waves of the ocean so better bring extra clothes. The clothes must be placed somewhere in your bag so they’re safe. If they get wet, then that would prove to be useless. Don’t be shy about changing clothes in the middle of the ocean since nobody can see you except the sea creatures.

If you catch one fish, you will feel excited so you want to catch more. Thus, it would be best to bring extra bait. Besides, you can put many live bait in one container to make sure they stay alive during the entire trip. It would make no sense to just bring a few because they will run out of it immediately.

If you bring just a few bait, you may be forced to cut your fishing trip short. If it is not attached properly to your fishing rod, you may easily lose it. Finally, it is important to know where you put everything. Besides, a simple mistake can lead to you losing the fish you thought you had already caught.

Know the Weather

No matter how much you’d want to go fishing, it would not be a good idea if the weather is bad. Yes, you should prioritize your safety first over the amount of fish you may catch. There are a lot of other days to catch fish anyway. Even if you do catch a lot of fish, you may end up getting sick and you won’t be able to eat them. You can never underestimate how strong any typhoon is. There are times when the typhoon is so strong that no fish would want to come out.

When you know there is rain, reschedule your fishing trip immediately. In fact, wearing a raincoat won’t be enough to protect you. Rain also attracts insects and these things may bite you and cause an infection. You can never know what type of diseases they are carrying. You may end up getting confined at a hospital for several weeks just because of one small insect bite. Even if you say you bring an insect killer, there are just too many. They will probably strike when you least expect them to.

Even if the weather is fair, be sure to still bring an umbrella for emergency purposes. If you decide to stay out in the water too long, it may rain any time. When it does, there are two things that can happen. It can rain for a few minutes or several hours. If the latter happens, you are going to be stuck in the ocean for a long time. Good thing, that won’t happen if you manage to bring an umbrella. If there are people with you, then bring several umbrellas.

Know Where to Place Yourself

You just can’t pick a random spot in the ocean then move a few meters later once there is no activity. Other fishermen may laugh at you. Thus, it would be best to know where your target fishes are. Different fishes hang out at various spots in the ocean. Of course, they have their reasons for choosing where they want to go. It could be because of the food or the natural habitat.

Another thing to remember is that like humans, fishes like to swim in warm water. Yes, they don’t like their fins to get cold. That doesn’t mean you can put boiled water in the ocean though. After all, they are smart.

There are many spots where lots of sea creatures swim around and these are spots you’d definitely want to go to. After all, the more sea animals there are, the more chances you have of catching something. When you see that there are a lot of sea creatures, you can catch a lot by using a huge net. However, you probably won’t want all of them so throw the ones you’re not aiming for back to the sea.

Be Aware of the Techniques

There are many fishing techniques you must learn. Some are for beginners while some are for advances fishermen. It would be best to start with the ones for beginners until you work your way up to the more advanced methods. This is one time when you must be patient because you can’t expect to catch lots of fish all the time. You’re going to spend time learning the different fishing techniques.

There are specific techniques for different fishes. Thus, one technique may not be used for one fish but it may not be used for other fishes. There is no harm in trying all the techniques too. If you feel comfortable in a certain technique, you can repeat it until you get the hang of it.

Bring the Right Bait

When you are targeting a specific fish, you must know what they usually eat so you will know what to put as bait. Also, know that fishes are also smart so they tend to scatter if they see a boat. Thus, don’t let them know that you are there to catch them. Pretend you’re there just to swim and enjoy the sunset. Some fishes would love a little bit of company.

In case you run out of bait and you can feel the momentum, all is not lost. You can catch baitfish and they can act as the bait. Perhaps, the most important thing to remember about the baits you bring is that they should still be alive. After all, there is a reason why they are named that way. This specie is usually small but they don’t move that fast. Thus, you will have an easy time catching them so better catch a lot. If you don’t use them all, you can use the unused ones for the next trip.

If you keep the above tips in mind, it won’t be long before you say goodbye to the days of coming home empty-handed. Yes, that means you will no longer be a frustrated fisherman. You will finally move to the next level. You will definitely have something to brag about to your friends. Now that you know what you need to do to experience a great fishing experience, head over to the nearest hardware store. It would be best to buy extra instead of buying the exact amount. After all, it is best to bring some sort of back up. You never know when you’re going to need extra bait.

There are times when you really enjoy what you are doing that you want to extend the activity. When it comes to fishing, that situation always happens especially to beginners. This sport is simply so addicting so you can’t blame anybody for staying out in the water too long. For instance, you initially planned on catching just a couple of fishes but you come home with a net full of it.